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    "What are our expectations at the beginning of the project?"

    “We expect: to raise our students´ awareness regarding different types of problems in various societes (refugees, mental and physical disabilities, poverty etc) and what is done to solve them, to find out some basic things about the way of life and culture of the countries involved in the project, to digitally interact with their peers in other countries developing 21st century skills, to become actively involved in volunteering.”  Romanian Team, Lugoj

    "We would like to give our students an opportunity to learn about partner countries and improve their communication skills in English or other languages. At the same time we expect them to develop their social awareness. We hope that they will learn a lot from being exposed to various social issues. Digital skills are highly valued in the 21th century. We expect our students to take the advantage of our transnational project." Hungarian Team, Pápa

    “We expect our students to develop their interpersonal and language skills to be able to be more creative, open minded and independent. They should be able to work in a team and set themselves new challenges. They must put their knowledge into practice, use new technologies. Our next aim is to raise the students´ awareness as far as cultural, religious differences are concerned. They can´t think stereotypically. We want to put emphasis on the need to be empathetic and help other people, but in a reasonable way. They shouldn´t just give people in need „a fish“, but „a fishing rod“, so that the people can change their live for the better.” Polish Team, Pulawy

    “We hope our students will get some long during international contacts. They´ll probably get some ideas, for example, on a year as a volunteer in one of these countries. We want them to get information about cultural differences and get to appreciate them. They should train their English. And we want them to see other countries/regions except of the tourist destinations and find out about their specifications.”  German Team, Schwetzingen

    “The students will get a chance to work in an international environment of five European schools, collaborate in mixed teams, create joint products and enjoy their time together in both project and pass time activities. The students will get familiar with different activities of NGOs and charities, societies which are involved in volunteering and community work. They will join some of these organizations and become volunteers. They will collect money for seriously and mentally ill kids, for building a school in Africa and organize pass time activities for a community centre children. They will be aware of living conditions of people with health or social limitations, they will try to understand their way of life.”     
    Czech Team, Tábor


    Teachers from all partner schools



    Community service and team collaboration at QSI International




    Job shadowing at Petőfi Grammar School (a Maths lesson in English)



    PHOTOS FROM THE MEETING (click on the link :-)



    Goals of the transnational project meeting (teachers only): to clarify the tasks and procedures of the project
    online tools agreement
    creating tutorials - tools to be used
    learning scenario concept
    TwinSpace training
    online student collaboration
    overall project outputs
    community service agenda