• Future education

         a summary of online mixed teams collaboration on the topic of future education in 2040. The video was created by the Romanian team. Enjoy watching!


    Smart cities and transport

         a set of audio stories based on collaborative work of online mixed teams on smart cities and transport in 2040. Audio and visuals were created by the Czech team. Dive in and enjoy!

    Part 1 (Smart cities: housing, shopping, tech), scan and listen or just click


    SmartCities1Record ( (3).mp3

    Part 2 (Smart cities: lifestyle, greenery, health), scan and listen or just click


    SmartCities2Record (

    Part 3 (Smart transport: vehicles, safety, fuel), scan and listen or just click


    Transport1Record ( (5).mp3


    Free time and entertainment

         a summary on the basis of the online mixed teams discussions. The presentation was created by the Polish team. Check it out!