Article about our project in "Visibility of eTwinning Projects" Groups' July 2019 newsletter. (page 109)

    How our project was presented in the hall of Hebel-Gymnasium Schwetzingen:

    Project partners promoted the project during an online event on eTwinning Live, 27/06/2019

    Max and Radu disseminating our projects at the High Schools fair, at the University Dragan Lugoj

    Amanda and Maria disseminating their project work at the ”Made for Europe” county contest

    Anda and Amanda disseminating our project at the ”Be non-formal, be creative” forum

    Open Day at Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych Nr 2 im. F.D. Kniaznina w Pulawach, Poland


    Open Day at Obchodní akademie a VOŠE Tábor, Czechia; October 2018


    Erasmus+ Flashmob at Turr Gymnasium, Pápa, Hungary; October 2018

  • Project dissemination - summary from all partners

    Obchodní akademie a VOŠE Tábor

    Dissemination activities were carried out continuously throughout the whole project period. We informed the school community via the school website, Facebook, a project notice board and project newsletters. Teachers learnt about activities at pedagogical meetings, parents were informed at parental meetings, the school authority in a form of an official document.
    The regional school authority was informed about the project and its development.
    We informed the public in an online and printed articles in a local newspaper.
    During Open Day at school in October 2018, potential students learnt about the project.
    At the Tábor Event the whole school took part in the charity run and became part of the project.
    The NGOs which we worked with got to know about the project as well (Cheiron Tábor, Jordán Hospice, People in Need) during common programme.
    All project partners introduced the project to interested eTwinners during an online event on eTwinning Live in June 2019.

    Liceul Teoretic "Coriolan Brediceanu" Lugoj

    We informed the community via local media and the school website and Facebook page about the project evolution. There were articles about each learning-teaching-training activity in printed and online media. The Erasmus+ corner at our school is updated periodically and contains data about the project's development. Project newsletters in digital form are available for all teachers and students involved in the project. Teachers learnt about activities at pedagogical meetings and dissemination of learning-teaching-training activities, parents were informed at parental meetings. Our English teachers disseminated project outcomes at a regional methodical teachers' meeting.
    Our students disseminated project activities during some regional events: "Be non-formal, be creative" forum, "Made for Europe" contest, High Schools Fair, "Symbols in the Universe of Knowledge" contest, etc.
    Prof. Adriana Maris disseminated the project during an eTwinning regional seminar and futurE+ event.

    Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących Nr 2 im. F.D. Kniaźnina w Puławach

    We informed the school and local community via local media, the school webpage and Facebook page about the project throughout the whole cycle of its running. There were articles in the local newspaper, radio, information on portal and information in the local TV and a huge billboard which was placed on the building of our school.There is a link to the Twinspace of the project on our school webpage.Teachers learned about the activities connected with the project during teachers’ meetings and parents during teachers and parents meetings. We also informed about the project during open days in our school and school and work fairs which take place in our town. Teachers and students disseminated project activities during some other local and school events like charity matches, workshops with disabled, mentally ill people and Down syndrome people.

    Türr István Gimnázium, Pápa, Hungary

    Throughout the whole project cycle we informed the school and local community via local and regional media, the school webpage and Facebook page about the project. Several photos and reports were on display in our school to inform students and parents.
    A banner on our school’s website leads you to all the links on TwinsSpace and other media.
    On 12 October 2018, we took part in an international Erasmus Day event in order to promote our activities. On 7 March 2019, 7 students of our project team attended an EuroScola Day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Our speaker’s presentation involved our Erasmus+ activities.
    Molnár András delivered a lecture on our Erasmus project at a workshop called “4th Dimension” for teachers of Pápa.
    Teachers and students disseminated the project during various events at school and in partner institutions, e.g. disabled club, school for the handicapped.

    Hebel-Gymnasium Schwetzingen

    Throughout the whole period of our project we informed our school and local community with regard to our activities. A movable wall in the hall of our school included photos and information concerning our recent learning activities. Furthermore, the website of our school included an extra section dedicated to our project. The project and its activities were regularly presented in various school staff meetings, parents' evenings, classes, in our charity club, and during project days. Moreover, the local public was regularly informed about our project through newspaper articles in various local newspapers. Finally, we cooperated with social workers of our community who ran a women's café in Schwetzingen or disseminated the project during meetings with social workers in our region (e.g. Mannheim and Weinheim).