School 21, Digitally and Socially Yours

The project "School 21, Digitally and Socially yours", which belongs among Erasmus+ two-year projects, will include learning specific skills, known as the 4 Cs, which are critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The topic of community service will be dealt in different areas of volunteering (work with refugees, ha...

Project Journal

  • Dear partners,

    Please find below our June newsletter. From my point of view, this issue has the most interesting information. Thank you all for your contributions! Happy reading and happy holidays!

    - Posted by Adriana Maris, 05.08.2018

  • Enjoy the summer break :-)

    Hello summer.jpg

    - Posted by Alena Jandlova, 28.06.2018

  • We wish you wonderful, safe holidays filled with unforgettable memories. Have a great time.
    The Polish team


    - Posted by Ewelina Pawłowska, 27.06.2018

  • Volunteering in ZSO nr 2 in 2017/2018 - it was a good year. Volunteers from our school took part in a charity handball match,were raising money for the hospice, the homeless shelter, and "Zarażamy radością" fund. They were working with the Down Syndrome people in DOA,and mentally ill people in Ośrodek Samopomocy. They took part in a meeting with a missionary from Africa, a volunteer working in Madagascar and paraolimpians and many other actions.

    VOLUNTEERING in ZSO nr2 in 2017_2018.jpg

    - Posted by Ewelina Pawłowska, 27.06.2018

  • 25 June 2018 was a day of A CHARITY RUN FOR AFRICA at Tábor school.
    We raised roughly € 400 (almost 10,000 CZK) for building a new school in Ethiopia.

    A charity run for Africa, in Tábor CZ

    - Posted by Alena Jandlova, 25.06.2018