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    - goals and the programme of the meeting

    "Which were the best moments of the project?"

    For us the most valuable experience were visits to all the partner countries. We could take part in many voluntary activities and incorporate some ideas to our School Volunteers' Club. We also had the chance to exchange opinions on helping people in need in each country and students' involvement in charity events and how the oversees schools function. We learned how to use ICT tools we hadn't used before like online google questionnaires, flipped activities based on films. All the experiences, knowledge we have gained will be used in our work and future projects.
    Polish Team, Pulawy




    It was great that so many students could gain unusual yet fabulous experience meeting people in need. They were eager to play, dance, sing do sport or handicraft with them.
    We could raise our students’ awareness towards sensitive issues, making friends and practising communication in English at the same time. Our students could broaden their minds with learning other cultures while meeting the fellow students. They taught each other how to play national games, told folk stories and shared their favourites. Also, we experienced touching moments meeting destitute people or just saying goodbye to each other.
    Hungarian Team, Pápa


    The two years we spent together, both online and offline, were full of enjoyable moments. Shall we say the best thing was the fact that our students found and developed skills and resources they didn't know they possessed at the beginning of our collaboration? Or was it maybe the fact that they have become a lot more aware of the difficulties that less fortunate people around them face every day? No, actually it was the enthusiasm with which they embraced the idea of volunteering and doing their bit, their readiness to learn and enrich themselves, their eagerness to understand and accept. Or maybe it was something else... One thing is certain, though - we have all gained something we will never lose: FRIENDS!

    Romanian Team, Lugoj


    Both our pupils and teachers were enthusiastic about meeting other teachers and teenagers from countries they had often not been in contact with before. I personally was particularly excited about the fact that our project provided so much "food for thought" to the participants and was even able to change their minds to a certain extent. Last but not least, I was enormously touched by the fact that within a short time some of the participants had become extremely close to each other - so close that some of my pupils even cried when they had to say goodbye to their new international friends.

    German Team, Schwetzingen


    We expected that the students would deepen their social and digital skills during the project. And they did. The project activities offered volunteering in many forms and a variety of places. We also paid visits to a number of community centres and NGOs. All of these belonged among best moments of the project. The students also learnt how to communicate online in an international environment. They worked together on different documents shared online, communicated in forums and created joint outputs. These skills are universal and beneficial for their future. The project meetings made all friends, strengthened English communication skills and self-confidence.

    Czech Team, Tábor



    Goal: to discuss the results, evaluate and consider follow up activities (at the end of the project life cycle)

    - lessons learnt
    - evaluation
    - (un)fulfilled expectations
    - future plans
    - final report preparation, checking Mobility Tool+ and project website TwinSpace