Impressions of Greek Students

  • I participated and I really enjoyed the conversation that we had via Skype. I learnt about the polish educational system, their alphabet and many more things. They were super friendly and we had a lovely conversation even though we were all very shy.

    Georgia Plavoukou

    I really enjoyed this discussion with the polish students. We have common interests such as sports, hobbies etc but their school system is different from ours. Moreover, their culture, their monuments and their customs are so interesting to me. Personally, I think that this discussion helped me both to meet new people and have fun as well. We’ll keep in touch!!! We hope to visit your country some time.


    In the etwinning program I communicated with polish students who were older than me. My partners were  18 years old and that’s why I was surprised when I realized that they had the same worries about the future. I wish them to achieve doing everything they want in the future.

    Minas Rezk

    The polish students were really kind to us. We felt comfortable talking to them and we enjoyed the fact that we got to know new people that we cooperated with this year. I think that despite the fact that we live in a different country as teenagers we have many things in common and similar views in many aspects.

    Areti Tsima

    My impressions from the video call was that the polish students are very similar with us and I’m very happy because I meet them and all of them were very good people. Also I was impressed about their beautiful country! Moreover, it was interesting that in their school they learn different languages: German, French and Russian.

    Katerina Trahani

    At the very beginning I was nervous because I didn’t know them. But after all, they were super friendly and funny. I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the time talking to them. They are not very different at all. I would like to visit Poland next year, them and their schools.

    I hope you’ll have plenty of fun this summer, and definitely visit Greece sometime soon!



    The students were very nice. If I could, I would hang out with them. They were friendly with us and and we talked about many things. I hope you’ll have fun this summer.


    It was cool to see our polish friends on Skype! We didn’t have lots of time which was a pity, but if I could, I would speak to them again.

    Vasilis Tsamasiros

    Well, I believe that polish students are very friendly and very active people in their personal lives as they read books, go out or listen to music. Talking to them was a tremendous experience and I want to see them up close!!!

    Konstantinos Patrinos

    My impressions from the etwinning meeting was that the students from Poland are very good children and very smart. We said our hobbies and we exchanged Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch.

    Xenia Tasopoulou

    They were really nice to us, there wasn’t shame or awkward moments in our conversation. We asked and we learnt about Poland and so did they about Greece. I really enjoyed our talk and I would like to meet them when I visit Poland. Something I won’t forget is that sea in Poland is freezing cold and Polish people can’t swim there.

    Theodora Spanoudi