The Digital Box S.p.A was founded in 2013 by a group of marketing visionaries and experienced technical experts in the development of digital platforms, they have created offices in Italy (Puglia and Tuscany), Spain (Barcelona) and USA (Palo Alto, Silicon Valley). The results achieved by its creation are striking: 1,947 million euros in 2015, and 3,01 million euros in 2016.                                                      

     In 2017, the company closed a successful Q1with consolidated revenues  at 1,382M of euros . 

    The high level of technological innovation combined with a distribution system based on a Distributor network, which grows more and more around the globe, allows The Digital Box to grow and scale fast.

    The company has gained a strong presence in Italy, Spain and Brazil, and since mid-2016 it has opened new locations throughout Latin America and the rest of Europe with first satisfactory results in terms of sales in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and Romania.

    They developed ADA : ADA is the most innovative integrated platform for Mobile Engagement and offers companies, marketing and communications agencies a truly new and revolutionary way to acquire new customers and reach existing ones entirely designed for the mobile world.

    With ADA you can:

    • Create, with simplicity and immediacy,    100% Mobile content such as: Landing  Page, StoryTelling, VideoTelling, Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing;

    •  Distribute, in multichannel optics, content to the right audience via SMS, Email, Social, WiFi, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords;
    •  Measure, in real time, the return of campaigns with data and analytical information.

    Vita Giuffrida -  Francesco Pio Giandomenico