Our international projects


    Here you can suggest the project you would like to do to encourage young people to cooperate internationally. Work in international teams to develop a decription of the project. Here are some points to help you:

    • name of the project
    • age group of participants
    • why you want to do this project
    • how it will be carried out - steps
    • how young people will benefit from taking part in the project.
    project name of the students

    H.W.W.W Help Women’s World wide 

    Loubna Madmar, 
    Help BLN Bilal Ouass, Laura Van Loo, Nada
    Language Support Anass Amjoud
    Helping stray animals in shelters

    Weronika Gałecka, Konrad Kudzia

    Breathing new life into old clothes Dominika Liszka, Karolina Muciał
    Helping homeless animals Kacper matusik, Katarzyna Hałas
    Helping birds in winter Daniel Śliwa, Jakub Klimek
    Save forests Julia Nosal, Kamila Tokarz
    Afterschool club for underpivileged children Anna Słowik, Radek Skotnicki, Michał Nowak


    International Cooperation Projects by Greek Students: