Our rules (German students)

  • 22 September 2017

    The German students thought about the conditions of online communication using this drawing by Dilara:

    After that they read a German text about communication on the internet and decided that these are the most important rules for them.

    Here are the rules we find important for this project:

    1. Be careful what you write because the internet won't forget.
    2. Ignore the trolls and tell the teacher.
    3. Don't use bad words, be respectful just like in real life.
    4. Always use your name.
    5. Think before writing and read again before posting.
    6. Don't give attention to people who insult. Tell the teacher.
    7. Don't use too many abrreviations.
    8. Don't write too many things that could give information about your identity.
    9. Think about the person who is sitting on the other side reading your text message.
    10. When you quote something, give the author.
    11. Mind your own business - don't comment everything.
    12. Don't write things you cannot identify with, only give your opinion and don't just follow the majority.

    22 September 2017