Our Rules (Italian School)

  • Our rules!

    When you are working on the internet you have to be polite and careful because you can’t see who is sitting on the other side. You should follow some rules to respect the web’s community. If that happens you can feel good, help others and work together. So the main rules you have to follow are:

    • Do not spam;
    • do not copy other people texts or photos. Copying is a crime!
    • do not use vulgarity;
    • do not use too much capital letters;
    • do not annoy anyone writing in a language you know, they don’t understand;
    • do not use internet to hurt someone you hate and solve your problems face to face;
    • do not cheat;
    • do not provoke quarrels;
    • do not use anonymous;
    • do not share your personal information.

    EN  https://websitebuilders.com/how-to/learn-about/netiquette/

    IT    http://www.sistriforum.com/t1402-regole-e-principi-della-netiquette

    Web never forgets!!!

    People who chat with you may be different from what they seem. Talk to someone you trust if someone is threatening you.

    Anything you post is public.

    Anything you say can be used against you.

    Please, keep attention!