-cooperation between countries

    -people can practise English

    -new friends

    -different idea to teach pupils



    -not everyone wanted to cooperate


    Julia Nosal(PL)


    -Interesting topic,

    -Plenty of opportunities to learn something new,

    -Contact with foreigner might be a pleasant experience for some people.


    -Lack of coordination and varying English skills,

    -Topic realized in a flat and not engaging way.

    Kudzia K.


    In this project we learnt plenty of things. First of all, we aquired different knowledge in the project by searching information on the internet. Secondly, we learnt how to cooperate and how to behave properly in order to accomplish that. However, sometimes it wasn't easy for us to communicate with you, because for instance, we had a spring break before yours.

    Georgia Plavoukou, Anna-Maria Tsakou



    *a chance to meet new people and learn about them and their culture while improving language kills

    *a chance to gain knowleadge about international companies and how they look like


    *not everyone is as involved as should be

    *poor cooperation and contact with each others while doing projects

    Weronika G. (PL)



    In  this project i enjoyed my time .. i learnt a lot of things i didn't know which i wouldn't have learnt in any other occasion,i practiced my english, i made new friends and i'm eager  to see if we are going to visit each other's countries. Most of the people cooperated very well and i was very happy for my team especially i adored  the Polish people who did a very good job and their contribution was amazing. Thank you guys all for this experience.


    Theodora Spanoudi GREECE


    In this project everyone cooperated nicely with students from other countries.Furthermore, it was an interesting topic which evereyone enjoyed doing.Moreover,it differed from other projects and it was a fascinating experience.Also, we had a skype meeting in which students were able to talk face to face with their partners.On the other hand, not everyone had the same intersts and the desire to cooperate.Additionally, there were many major delays which slowed the whole project.

    Katerina Traxani Konstantinos Patrinos GREECE!!!!!!!!!


    Most of the time the project was interesting. I learned a lot of things about other countries, European companies and different people.

    I think my favorite topic was “International group work on MNE´s” and contemporaneous.

    I liked the informations, we were looking for and how international companies work in the global economy.

    Not so good was the coordination between the schools. Some students are lazy and won’t work with others. In addition, comes the huge delay but this is normal I think.

    -Manuel Asbeck (German school)



    I would like to talk about my personal pros and cons about this project.

    I like that we learn new about international companys, in my case it was McDonalds. Furthermore we are doing this project in a group of people from different countries, so we got to know new people and think about different opinions, but some countries were very productive and other countries did less work. That wasn’t so nice.

    Also we hear presentations from other groups, which have different companies and ideas.

    The project about catastrophies was also very informative. I don’t know, that there was so many catastrophies in our surrounding, but I did not find it very interesting, because I don’t like the theme.

    The Christmas wishes were also nice and interesting to see, how the other people who are involved in this project look like and it was a nice gesture.

    All in all, it can be said, that working in this project, was very nice and we can work together with different peoples from other countries. That was a good experience and I learn much more about different things.

    -Arabella B.




    I would like to comment on the etwinning project.

    I think the project is very helpful for all of us, because we have the chance to learn more about young people from other countries in our ages. We learn more about the different cultures and their religions. We improve our English more and more, because it is the only language to communicate with each other.

    We can work together in groups with other people and create a presentation about a lot of different things. For example the working times or the different jobs in die different countries.

    Sometimes it is not easy to communicate because each country has different vacation times. There are also people which do not anything, this people are very unreliable.

    All in all is the etwinning project very good because everyone has the chance to improve their english and to meet new people in the internet.

    Melanie Szymonczyk



    Good Things:

    - In my opinion the twin space is very good website to cooperate with other students from all over the world who participate in it.

    - The tasks are often varied.

    - I like the design


    Bad Things:

    - There are some problems: Many students are not very active on the website and sometimes we couldn’t work often in groups.






    My opinion about this project


    I personally find this project effectively because I learned lot of new things about communication. I have learned to work with people from different countries and to work on assignments. In addition, I met new people that I did not know before. I also found it great to work on and create presentations together with people from other countries. I liked the especially the project with the multinational companies. However, from time to time there were difficulties, because not everyone participated. Furthermore, the expectations of the members have met, as everyone wanted to meet new people and improve their English. All in all I find this project helpful, because the expectations, to the project have been fulfilled and this project was very varied. Because of that I really enjoyed this project and I would recommend it everybody.

    ~ Cigdem Eroglu



    I would like to comment my opninion on our e-twinning project.

    I liked that we´ve learned new people and about their countries and culture. We´ve learned a lot about other people and I the e-twinning project made us working in a team and also how to communicate with other people.


    The only thing I didn’t like sometimes, was as we had to work with the people from other countries, because when we´ve had a task, we´ve tried to contact them and sometimes they did not answer.

    But all in all it was a good experience for me.

    Kaltrine Ibishi



    Opinion about eTwinning


    In this Project we learned new things about different Cultures and how to connect with other countries. We also had the chance as one of not many students to do a project like this in school and also had the chance to improve our English outside of English lesson.

    We get the chance to work with different people from different countries as in an international company. Which I think is good for people who want to work in an international company.

    In addition to all the positive points, there are also negative points.

    We have to wait too long sometimes for the results of the others because of different school and vacation times.

    Partners also need too much times for short task which is very annoying because you want to finish the task.

    Sometimes it was also difficult to communicate with your partners because some people answer too late or they don’t answer.

    All in all, I can say I would do the project again because it was a fun way to learn all the new things and it was interesting to see different views of people from other countries.


    Safaa Issa


    My opinion about this project



    I found the project very nice, because all the tasks were very interesting. Besides, it is very interesting to listen to the posts and different opinions from the others.

    In addition, I got to know a lot of new vocabulary through the different projects.

    I also like this project very well because we can show our own ideas and contributions to others.

    Moreover, I find the International group work on MNE's very interesting, because, it was fun to create a presentation in my group about Apple and show this to others.



    What I not like so much in the Project was, that you could not communicate so well with some people and could not work in a team. Because many did not do the tasks or did not share their opinions


    -Dilara Tanriverdi


    I think the project was a nice change to the normal English lessons, I personally had a lot of fun communicating with people from other countries and gaining experience. We had many different tasks and projects that were interesting and varied. I am grateful that I got this opportunity to make this great experience and this I could acquire more linguistic knowledge

    kaoutar achkif

    I think the project was a good idea and a change to the normal English lessons, I learned a lot of new skills about myself and I meet new people from other countries. Equally the task was very lark and interesting every time there where another task. Especially it was very nice that we worked in a team together with our classmates and the people from other countries. For example, we have to invent a person for a job interview together we create a cv together and write a lot things about this invented person and this task for example



    In my opinion our e-twinning project was a very good experience because I learned a lot of new skills about myself and I meet new people from other countries. Equally the task was very lark and interesting every time there where another tasks. Especially it was very cool that we worked in a team together with our classmates and people from other countries. For example, we have to invent a person for a job interview together we create a CV together and write a lot of things about this invented person and this task for example worked very good together we understand us together very well though this distance.