International group work on MNE's

  • International group work on MNE's

    Now it's time to start working in international groups. Pick a multinational company which has branches in all the participtating countries. Your task is to prepare a presentation on the following aspects:

    • history of the company and its development,
    • important people who work(ed) there,
    • economic facts like annual turnover, profits
    • reputation
    • critical voices

    Each group should contain members of each schools, if possible. Add your names to the following table. Before you start working introduce yourself in your discussion forum. Then say which company you would like to work on and why. Take a joint decision which company you choose for your international group work. Each company can only be chosen once. Ask your teacher to add the name to the table. While working on this presentation you should upload your results so that you team members know what you are working on. Below you will find a list of tools you can use for your presentation - as a team decide on a tool you would like to use.

    Team Name and country company your discussion forum

    Kaltrine (D), Melanie (D), Arabella (D)
    Kacper (Pl)
    Kasia (Pl)

    Georgia, Pigi, Eleni, Fotini (GR)

    Loubna (Be)

    Laura (Be)

    Romena (IT)

    Angela (IT)

    S.Vito (IT)

    McDonald's (fast food industry)

    Cigdem (D),
    Dilara (D),
    Donard (D)
    Dominika (Pl)
    Karolina (Pl)
    Ania (Pl)

    Theodora, Irene, Xenia (GR)

    Eda (Be)

    Tolga (Be)

    C.Antonio (IT)

    Angelo M (IT)

    Stefano, Francesco M., Simona (IT)


    Apple (computer industry)

    Safaa (D),
    Ezgül (D)
    Daniel (Pl)
    Jakub (Pl)
    Michał (Pl)

    Minas, George, Anna Maria, Thanos (GR)

    Bilal Chikri (Be)

    Bilal Ouass (Be)

    Anass (Be)

    Luca G. (IT), Pierpaolo M, Luigi  (IT)Martina M. (IT)

    Davide P. (IT), Alessio T (IT) 

    Francesco G. (IT)

    Nike (clothes industry)

    Victoria (D),
    Kaoutar (D)
    Julia (Pl)
    Kamila (Pl)

    Areti, Xrysanthi, Konstantinos (GR)

    Rebeca (Be)

    Nada (Be)

    Emanuela C (IT) , Viviana D (IT)., Chiara R,  (IT)Grazia M, (IT)

    Mac (Cosmetics)

    Sefer (D),
    Manuel (D), Mateusz (D)
    Weronika (Pl)
    Konrad (Pl)
    Radek (Pl)

    Vasilis, Katerina, Serafeim (GR)

    Miriana B (IT), Lorenza F  (IT) , Elisa G  (IT) Teresa V (IT)

    H&M (clothes company)

    Tools: (your PowerPoint presentations online)