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    Thyssenkrupp was founded on the 17.03.1999 in Essen.

    Thyssenkrupp It is a community of around 155,000 colleagues on every continent. These values ​​are important for this: Openness, transparency, mutual appreciation and willingness to perform. As a basis for cooperation, for the cooperation with the customers and for the economic success.

    Diversified means: It is a strong network of businesses that share a common core: outstanding engineering. It complements the knowledge and skills. That makes the company more efficient and innovative.

    Diversified also means that they want to generate sustained high and stable value added. And they also want to balance the different interests of all stakeholders.

    Global megatrends such as urbanization and demographic change are the basis for business opportunities. People and businesses always need "more" consumer and capital goods, infrastructure, energy, raw materials and digital services. The number of megacities is growing rapidly.

    They seek engineering and business solutions with their engineering expertise to meet the need for "more", "better", both in developed and emerging markets.

    C.D. Wälzholz

    Waelzholz has been present globally for several years. We serve our customers directly in their target markets with our production sites and service centers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

    Our products and know-how are available at our partners’ doorsteps and are constantly being developed and expanded.

    The share of our international sales is currently higher than 55 percent with more than 27 percent of our products produced outside of Europe.

    Our international locations collaborate closely with the materials technology and quality management departments at our company headquarters in Hagen. In this way we can guarantee our customers high-quality consultation and consistently high product quality across the globe.

    Most recently, Waelzholz has continued to expand into international markets.

    Today, with approximately 2,400 employees, Waelzholz is one of the largest cold rolling mills in the worldand its global presence is only getting stronger.

    Thus we have production plants and distribution centers in strategically important target markets in Asia and America.

    Innovative force and a dynamic character have determind the development of Waelzholz for over 185 years and will continue to do so going forward.