What we learnt about MNEs

  • 12 June 2018

    What did the Polish group learn about MNEs and international cooperation?

    1. Most of the international companies have a long story behind them.
    2. We realized how much time and effort was put in these companies to make them as great as they are now
    3. We also found out the significance of globalization in international business
    4. We learned how international companies cooperate with Poland and Polish companies
    5. We understood what is required to make a good international company, as well as how to improve the business by spreading it all over the world
    6. We know how companies differ in terms of marketing  depending on the country it is located in
    7. We saw how local companies look and function abroad
    8. We discovered how MNE’s create new opportunities and possibilities for development of cooperating companies
    9. We found out that MNE’s help people find a job as they create a lot of new jobs
    10. We realized how can we learn from our mistakes and become better at what we do

    20 April 2018

    The German group reflected on MNEs today. Here are the results:

    1. How do you feel about MNEs?

    • good, because you find them all over the world

    • hard to build such a company, takes a long time

    • creating jobs for people

    • well-known, "famous" = brand all over the world

    • fro travellers it can mean that they feel at home seeing the brands in a place they are visiting

    2. What we learnt about MNEs

    • big companies create famous brands

    • they have long stories / history

    • success and failure / problems / crisis

    • scandals (all companies were linked to at least one)

    • name sometimes shows who was the first person to own the copamy

    3. What is special about working for a MNE?

    • international connections

    • learn about the world

    • danger of being outsourced

    • longer working hours

    • different languages are spoken

    • other rules

    • different tasks

    • higher wages for the management

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