DIVELLA  since 1890, is a producer of durum wheat: a history that began when Francesco Divella made his first mill for grinding grain in Rutigliano. 

    The daily work of many people transformed the company, now in its fourth generation, to a cornerstone of the food sector in the world.

    Their mission can be summarized in few points:

    - Quality control;

    - Attention to consumer health;

    - Respect for the environment. 

    Great results are obtained with small steps: the first Divella plant, although small, was fitted with a robust French millstone, which became the symbol of the company.

    During the 80s and 90s, when the pasta industry was growing, Divella expanded its product structure.

     After 125 years, Divella continues to pursue the same objectives since 1890, passing on the Apulian tradition and the principles of the Mediterreanean diet throughout the world with high quality products.

    Nowaday they are trying to extend their borders in New York, where they want to build a logistic platform. Then in Africa, Asia, Congo, Ruanda, Senegal and Tanzania.

    Luca Girardi 

       Pierpaolo Marzano