In a climate of relaxation, celebration and work at the Athens Conference 2016, something very mysterious has happened to two teachers who are dedicated eTwinners. An unexpected call came through and the teachers were told that something has been left behind in one of their hotel rooms from the eTwinning secret agency. There is a message to deciphe...

Donating to charity

Once the students in Spain and Cyprus sold the calendars to their families, teachers, local businesses and to many more people, enough money was gathered to donate to charity!

The make a wish foundation came to Dasoupolis primary school to talk about what they do, show some short videos and to discuss with the students!

The president of the student council donated money to the make a wish representative and also gave her one of our calendars to further promote the project! Below are some of the pictures that were taken from the event! 

A big thank you to EVERYONE who bought a calendar!







Video summary


Author: Nick Shekkeris
Last editor: Camilo Rodríguez Macias