MI Interpersonal



    To complete this challenge, we thought of addressing the issue of bullying. To begin with we created posters to raise awareness about it.



       Posters from Cyprus









          Posters from Spain





    The students worked hard and collaboratively to create posters and then to complete the poster, they sent it to another school!

    After creating the posters, the students voted for the best. The best posters will be exchanged with our partners to improve them in order to get a product enriched amongst students. Here are the results of the students' voting competition.



    And here are some of the completed posters. All the posters you see below were started in one of the 3 schools and finished by another school!
    The month of May is dedicated to fighting against bullying,creating an international antibullying patrol that is coordinated through the TwinSpace to solve problems.
          Exhibition of collaborative posters against bullying in the playground 
    Exhibition of collaborative posters against bullying in the playground.
    The patrol helps to solve conflicts and puts an emoticon every day in the calendar against bullying.
    The students teams are coordinated through the twinspace forum, creating a international group.
    Every day, we put an emoticon to know how the break had been.
    Video summary of the whole activity at the schools.
    ¡¡Fantastic activity ,guys, congratulations¡¡