On the 18th of November Nick talked about eTwinning at the annual English conference. Here is the video of his presentation!


    Our project is promoted once more on Facebook!!!


    On Saturday 07th October 2017, there was an Erasmus festival in Nicosia, Cyprus! Teachers and students involved in the project were there to further promote the project to members of the local community and to all who were interested!

      Marina spoke to Dr. Sophie Ioannou of the Ministry of Education                           Marina also spoke to the camera that day!










    The project's Cypriot co-ordinators speak to the camera!


                            Students at the project's booth!                                        Teachers amd co-ordinators at the project's booth



    The TV channel TVOne also showed the Erasmus festival!

    The project has been promoted in a variety of ways and in different places, via different media and social networks. ( Blog, facebook, Twitter,Teacher´s courses,eTwinning Conferences in Extremadura, news papers, radio,Authorities,...)


    6 students from both of the Cypriot primary schools got to share their experiences about our project on national TV. They talked about what they liked, how they collaborated with the primasry school C.E.I P Giner de los Rios in Spain and left a final message to all students "Take part in eTwinning projects and discover yourself through our project"


    ​Our TV presentation was shared by the cypriot national agency via Facebook. 

    The project was also mentioned in the Cypriot newspaper "Fileleftheros" as well as in "Paideia News" which is an eductional newsletter!

    Our calendar was used to promote the project. It was given to inspectors of our schools, Dr Mindy Kornhaber in America (who would give one to Dr Gardner himself), Mrs Sue Lock (retired principal from Australia), Gert Lemmens from the European Schoolnet in Brussels, Mr Thanos Tsokkos, owner of the national Cypriot TV station RIK and other members of the local community! We thank everyone who helped in promoting the project!




    Other ways the project was promoted:

    The project had its own YouTube channel:







    Educational Magazines

    Eeuropean projects corner


    Family meetings




    Logos used in activities


    Nick and Camilo explain the project to teachers in Spain.