In a climate of relaxation, celebration and work at the Athens Conference 2016, something very mysterious has happened to two teachers who are dedicated eTwinners. An unexpected call came through and the teachers were told that something has been left behind in one of their hotel rooms from the eTwinning secret agency. There is a message to deciphe...

MI Visual-Spatial




We have received a complicated challenge. In order to overcome this new challenge, we have thought of doing something very complicated that allows interaction amongst students and combines with new online technologies.


Collaboratively, the students  created an online document where they proposed different challenges to overcome.  

With the Actionbound application, students have created the routes to follow.                     



  • Brainstorming, where students from both countries proposed the challenges to a different school.
  • QR codes so that the teams don't know the challenges to overcome.
  • Two teams, pirates and search engines, with different routes to follow.
  • Instructions in English to reach the next challenge.
  • Directed by Geolocation with more than 3500km between those giving directions and those following the directions.
  • Challenges based on all the intelligences for students to overcome at each place.
  • Participation of even more teachers, mothers and fathers in the activity.
  • Companies, official bodies, hotels, pharmacies, radio ... and lots of fun.



Our QR codes.






! The top educational authorities playing in eTwinning ¡

You can see them in this video summary


Each company and entity involved i the activity gave a letter of praise and recommendation. They also wished our students the best of luck in their next challenge!


Excellent promotion in official websites, press and the radio.



Author: Camilo Rodríguez Macias
Last editor: Pavlos Rigas