MI Musical


    If this creative man proposes a challenge, we can only surprise him if we do something very big that he loves. We began the challenge by creating a flash mob video. We changed the words of a Greek song to English and Spanish!

    The students found that they had to change some of the words of the English verse to match with the music of the song. Here is the result:

    The students from each school rehearsed their part sometimes singing the song and sometimes just with the music.

    In the end we created this flash mob video to overcome the proposed challenge!


    Our students liked the activity so much they had another proposal for us: Let´s sing some songs and have a karaoke competition. The students even suggested that some songs be sung in a third language! So we began by asking the students what songs they would like to sing!


    We had more than 30 song proposals by the students.


    We then organized an activity that involved all of Europe and gave our students the chance to show their linguistic and musical intelligence.



    Are you ready to discover your linguistic intelligence? Be preapred to be surprised!





    Some information given to all the participants!

    Songs for Linguistic Intelligence (Karaoke)


    When our students knew the songs they rehearsed before the karaoke competition!


    And here is the show! We hope you enjoy the show as much as our students did!         


    This is the videoconference video:


    Finally, with mentimeter, we voted for the best group:


    And after 15 different votes the winner is.......

    Well done Rita from Dasoupolis primary school for getting the most


    votes but an even bigger congratulations to all the students who


    took part in this event and made it a big sucess! Keep on singing!