In a climate of relaxation, celebration and work at the Athens Conference 2016, something very mysterious has happened to two teachers who are dedicated eTwinners. An unexpected call came through and the teachers were told that something has been left behind in one of their hotel rooms from the eTwinning secret agency. There is a message to deciphe...

MI Intrapersonal




Another difficult challenge! Now we must discover ourselves. This is so complicated, since we must analyze ourselves. How do we do this and find out what makes our students unique?


To begin with we asked our students what makes them special! Our students thought carefully and using meeting words we shared our students' characteristics! We shared with our students the information about the students from their own school and from other schools!






Each student has drawn themselves and written about their best characteristics!



With all this information, we can meet our friends and discover what makes them unique!



With this application we can hear the students' presentations.


Finally the students played the Who am I game. Students from Cyprus said something about themselves while students in Spain had to guess who it was! Then it was Spain's turn to speak and Cyprus' turn to guess!

In this two presentation you can see the best moments:

I am unique



Of course, to enjoy playing, we played a Kahoot game about the best characteristics of the students.

Here´s our Kahoot link:



Between the three schools we played a Kahoot game to meet our friends¡¡

These are the results   


Author: Camilo Rodríguez Macias
Last editor: Pavlos Rigas