In a climate of relaxation, celebration and work at the Athens Conference 2016, something very mysterious has happened to two teachers who are dedicated eTwinners. An unexpected call came through and the teachers were told that something has been left behind in one of their hotel rooms from the eTwinning secret agency. There is a message to deciphe...

MI Bodily-Kinaesthetic


This secret person has presented us a really important challenge. We must find a way to travel across Europe and develop both our bodily intelligence and movement. The challenge seems complicated... But, are you ready for the trip.??????





Our students have performed this exciting activity.

We started by proposing different videos about European cities in motion. Using the collaborative wall found at www.dotstorming.com the students made their proposals.


Here is the web where the students put their favourite videos and voted for them..






The students of the three schools,  proposed 38 videos in motion, and finally... after an intense vote, the 12 best videos, with quality have been selected for the final activity.


First  , we launched a short trailer to exite and promote the final activity ,  and we created a public event so that everyone could enjoy our class.





The trailer!!




   After this intense work, now all that is left is to move the body....We were able to enjoy the challenge of discovering this multiple intelligence.

Video link used       https://youtu.be/MuOIbmtkQ84

We present the video of the class and the assembly of the incredible session.

¡¡It was incredibly fun and innovative¡¡


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Author: Camilo Rodríguez Macias
Last editor: Pavlos Rigas