2nd year evaluation Croatia

  • CROATIAN STUDENTS: In this survey, 40 students took part. The majority of them was 8-10 years old (70.3%) and the rest 6-7 (29.7%). They never participated in an Erasmus+ project in the past but they are active in eTwinning projects. It is very important that most of them (99.6%) believe that it is important to have knowledge about energy and nature and they are enjoying in taking part in the project (100%).

    The study of the data from the questionnaires answered by the Croatian students also showed that:

    • They rated most important gains from the project the cooperation (55.4%), knowledge (24.2%), socialization (11%) and responsibility (9.4%).
    • The most popular activities were the experiments (65%), the activities with the meteorological station (28%), the presentation of the four elements (4%) and the online meetings (2%), the environment exploration (1%),
    • 100% of the students liked all the activities

    STE (A) M activities

    97.9 %likes STE (A) M activities that they done in their classroom (we used and introduced Art in STEM projects)

    The study of the data from the questionnaires about STE (A) M activities answered by the Croatian students also showed that

    • 70% learned many things
    • 100% collaborate a lot with their colleagues
    • 100% enjoy a lot the activities
    • 63.3% used critical thinking

    CROATIAN TEACHERS: The questionnaire filled in seven teachers. Around 99 % were 35-45 years old and 1% were 25-35 years old. Moreover, 10% of teachers participated in Erasmus+ (Comenius) project before and consider that all objectives of the first year of the project achieved.

    • The benefits from the project mentioned by the teachers are the opportunity for a good cooperation and collaboration between teachers
    • There were some difficulties with the time and plenty activities and language, especially with distribution and presentation of results.
    • 100% consider that an international project has a good impact on school and community
    • We carried out following activities: drawing four elements, logo of the project, Mascot of the project. Activities concerning book “The story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly”. Activities about benefits and dangerous of four elements, CLIL activities Christmas. We create texts about the four elements, experiments on four elements and grow seeds that we exchanged in France and create Erasmus garden. We used Micro:bit for watering our Erasmus garden.  We were host for the 4th Transnational meeting.

    CROATIAN PARENTS: 15 people filled in parents’ questionnaire, 90% females and 10% males. All of them were 35-45 years. The vast majority (95%) knew about the project from teachers and 5% from children. Everyone considers the project as a good opportunity for children, parents and community. Moreover, 65% of parents never participated in such project before. In general, parents found the project safe (90%), and that their children benefited from the project (100%).

    • The advantages of the project for parents are very similar to students: cooperation (45%), socialization (15%), knowledge (20%), responsibility (10%) and foreign languages (10%).
    • If parents had an opportunity to take part in the project most of them would like to search for materials, whereas nearly 80% of parents, can`t be involved in the project due to lack of time.