Energy for Life

The Erasmus+ project, Energy for life, will be developed using etwinning platform as place for interaction and collaboration. The project aims to develop the scientific and digital competences and the awareness of the vital importance of the Natural Elements and natural energy for our life and induces the awareness of what are the effects of cultur...

HOW TO and tools

This is the page where we can share idea and tutorial about tools we suggest each other


Which tool to make a WEBSITE?

Our activities and content will be also publish in an exthernal website using WEEBLY

here a useful videotutorial BEGINNER GUIDE TO WEEBLY

Which tools we can use to recorder voices?

If you have trouble with internet at school, the best tool is AUDACITY

you can download it, recorder voice offline and save it as mp3

Another easy tool is Soundcloud

You need to create an account and then you can recorder voice, save as mp3 in your computer  and/or share it online. 

How to make a collaborative writing?

A easy tool is TITANPAD

Story Jumper is an audiobook. A general tutorialfor it is:

This is a tutorial on how to add our own scenes in our book:



It´s a kind of cooperative tool to use in the classroom as a final assessment game with students to check how they have learnt contents of a lessons plan.



Author: Loredana Messineo