5th Transnational meeting In Tecuci, Romania (24-27 September 2018)

  • From 23th to 27th of September was carried out the 5º Transnational Meeting in Tecuci (Romania). The seven schools had the opportunity to plan and discuss all kind of activities for this 3º school project year. 

    The delegation of the six countries was made up of 15 persons, primary school teachers or specialists, who during the meeting got acquainted with aspects of Romanian education, curriculum for primary education, culture and traditions of the area through direct interaction with pupils and teachers . Being in the centenary, the teachers involved in the project decided to present to the guests the traditional part of the Romanian school and culture, the delegation being received in school with traditional bread and salt, the teachers and pupils being dressed in the national port. The class visit was an amazing incursion into the Romanian traditions, each class preparing the visitors for various surprises, all related to the Romanian traditions: painting on spoons, stitching, decorating the national port using different techniques, painting on clay pots or slices an impressive saddle with songs and dances, and a pottery workshop where all the guests participated with great delight. At the end of the event, all those present enjoyed a meal only with traditional dishes, prepared by parents and teachers

    Another event of great importance took place on September 26, 2018, when the European Day of Languages ​​was celebrated, along with the delegation from the six countries and guests from the Galati County Inspectorate, the Teaching Staff House, the Tecuci Local Council, Teucanu schools and responsible for European projects and programs.

    The work program included an English-language scenario, written after the WEAF Adventure around the World (WaterEarthAirFire - the mascot of the project, a creature representing the four elements and four symbols of the project - dolphin, turtle, butterfly and dragon) a story made through the collaboration of the seven countries involved, each one chapter, being the end product of 2016-2017. The costumes, the decor, and especially the involvement of the children, amazed the audience.

    The show continued with singing songs in the languages ​​of the partner countries, singing alongside the children. The atmosphere full of excitement and excitement, the pleasure of spending together this day, which had the role of celebrating linguistic diversity, lifelong language learning, attracting public attention to the importance of language learning and awareness of the existence and value of all spoken languages ​​in Europe, encouraging their learning.

    Time spent in school has also been allocated to work sessions aimed at achieving the objectives set for the third year, building a green city, investigating the benefits and natural disasters produced by human intervention using the new STEM methodology. In realizing the green city, a city consisting of 7 neighborhoods, the number of countries in the project, the project team was supported and helped by an architect who implemented the ideas of teachers to use the traditional and modern approach - waste recycling, reuse objects, the use of lego pieces and those made using the printer 3D