Earth experiments

  • 3rd A Class - 3° Circolo "L. Pirandello" Bagheria

    Experiences with the soil


    Hecho con Padlet

    .II class from School Elena Doamna Tecuci, Romania teacher Marcu Chirila Tincuta

    Soil experiments

    Soil in experiments - II A class Teacher Marcu Chirila Tincuta from CARMELO on Vimeo.

    II B class, teacher Miron Marcela, School Elena Doamna Tecuci

    Earth in experiments, II B class,  teacher Miron Marcela from CARMELO on Vimeo.

    8th class teacher Postea Maria, School Elena Doamna Tecuci

    Soil PH experiments, teacher Postea Maria from CARMELO on Vimeo.

    Poland - Soil experiments

    As part of the Erasmus + program "Energy for life", the first months of the 2018/2019 school year were divided into elements. In September, students performed various exercises and tasks related to the earth.In biology and geography lessons, they performed tasks, experiences and gained knowledge from various sources. The fifth graders were practicing on the maps reading the terrain.The sixth graders made the profile / soil section in the bottle,the seventh grade students learned about the shapes and sizes of the Earth,while the younger classes determined the directions of the world in the field using a compass.A seventh grade student and Szymon Opara showed his friends his interest in rocks and minerals.During the art lessons,the students realized artistically showing various elements of nature of the animated tree,for example. Fourth grade students painted landscapes, in fifths they created graphic leaf reflections and madefruit compositions. In addition, students painted posters and drew comics related to ecology. Tech classes were made with ingenious wood decorations. In maths classes, they solved tasks related to Earth'sarithmetic and geometry.On 8 October, students under the care of a biology teachertook part in planting of tulips at the memorial located at the entrance to the school grounds.The students planted 64 bulbs of these beautiful flowers. The effects will come to wait until spring.