Water experiments



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    Poland - water experiments

    In October, our students carried out activities related to water.

    Class 8a students visited the waterworks in Częstochowa where they had the opportunity to hear a lecture on water as a mysterious substance led by Mr. Dariusz Rosiak, and then they could see how water research is conducted in terms of the presence of bacteria and pollution in it. They watched various kinds of laboratory equipment and test equipment. One of the students also had the opportunity to carry out the water titration. The students learned many new and interesting things about water and its research.

    In the lessons of nature and geography, students learned about its states of concentration, about rivers in Poland and Europe. Szymon Opara, from the seventh grade, talked about the construction and operation of the hydroelectric plant. The students studied the properties of water. In school conditions, they saw the impact of water on the limestone rock, i.e. they observed the karst phenomenon so characteristic of the Krakow-Częstochowa Upland. In maths lessons, they experimentally solved tasks related to water. In class 5 biology lessons, students talked about water as a very important chemical component in living organisms. They presented the importance of water in nature. On the other hand, in chemistry classes in the seventh grade, the students prepared very interesting presentations about this extraordinary substance. In their speeches, they presented arguments that water, like no other substance on Earth, has phenomenal, unique properties that make it a unique substance, extremely important for life on our planet. The students also prepared experiments showing some of the properties of water, e.g. related to high surface tension.

    During art classes, students of 6 classes made designs for water vessels inspired by the art of Ancient Greece in the technique of scratchcards, students of 5 classes prepared colorful compositions of aquariums and stickers with a color accent Fri. Sailboat in rough sea. Space and in flat techniques, students of grades 4, 5, 6, 7 completed school bathroom projects.