Energy for Life

The Erasmus+ project, Energy for life, will be developed using etwinning platform as place for interaction and collaboration. The project aims to develop the scientific and digital competences and the awareness of the vital importance of the Natural Elements and natural energy for our life and induces the awareness of what are the effects of cultur...

Project Journal

  • Next transnational meeting in Croatia? WEAF is packing: he will spend the coming months in Brodarica!

    A guard of honour.jpg

    - Posted by KARINE FARGES, 12.05.2018

  • Energy for Life in every corner in Brodarica ;)

    Energy for Life April.png

    - Posted by Ivana Krizanac, 03.05.2018

  • Following up meeting strategic partnerships only between schools (KA219) call for 2016. on April 12 in Madrid. Spanish coordinators of KA219 project were convened to have more details and information about how to complete rightly the final report. Conclusions and information will be exposed to the rest of coordinators in next transnational meeting in Croatia 14th of May 2018.


    - Posted by CARMELO JUAN TRAPERO HUETE, 16.04.2018

  • Disemination in eTwinning event STEM IN PRIMARY SCHOOL


    - Posted by Adriana Lefter, 05.04.2018

  • In this post is showed some moments about STEM COMPETENCES MEETING in Toledo.

    - Posted by CARMELO JUAN TRAPERO HUETE, 11.03.2018