Green City or Dream City?

    During the three years of the project, students have made research and experiment and discover how fragile is our Earth.Dangers and benefits depend by human and by the way the humanity takes care of the environment.

    So the final product is the answer to the question: What we have to do to preserve the environment and take from Nature all benefits without destroy it?

    A sustainable  city  is the first step but what does it means sustainable?

    So that was the final challenge! and students made a City of the future, a City that now they they know it is not a dream but it will be possible to make it ONLY if we start the change, if WE ARE the changing! 

    they used recicled material but also the PLA and the 3d printer, they made a project of the home using Tinkercad and learned how to print it.

    But also they use common material was useful for built the City: Lego, plasticine, carboard etc. BUT what they use more and more was the joy to stay together and work togeter and bulit their COMMON GREEN CITY



  • The green city in your own school

    The green City

    we made a common green City in Spain bringing our elements but also we built green City in our schools in Italy this is the one at the kindergarten

    Green City-Poland

    Our Eco Commandments

    1. Protect endangered species.

    2. Keep flowers, trees and unripe fruit grow freely.

    3. Plant new trees and bushes instead of cut down orillones.

    4. Segregate rubbish and use compost.

    5. Save water by having a shower not a bath. Use rainwater.

    6. Save electicity. Use airfarms to produce it. Turn off the light when leaving the room. Use energy-saving bulbs.Install solarpanels.

    7. Save the heat. Never air a room with the heaters turned on.

    8. Clean sewage.Never throw litter to rivers or lakes.

    9. Use zero waste cuisine. Recycle food into e.g. toasts or jam.

    10. Protect the air. Use filters in cars or ecofriendly stoves. Give up smoking.

    Green city - Kindergarten Bagheria


    The green city by Spanish students

    Spanish students from 6º grade worked in doing how they consider a green city is. They used different materials and techniques. Designing in 3d printer was a relevant part of this project, seeking information about green energies, Qr code ... all of these targets to improve many different skills.

    Spanish green city by 6º grade students
    Green city from School Elena Doamna

    During second part of this school year all students from our school, divided in groups created green city maquette, 2m/2m

    Each neighborhood in the city was built according to a green city that uses renewable energy. The final layout is colorful, full of green spaces, respects the architect's directions for the height of the building and the distribution of spaces.

    the green city at primary school Italy

    tinkering zone! students build the green city using different materials and they made a model of the district were the school is

    Building Italian local City
    Green city-Greece
    Green City-Greece

    Our students dreamed of their green city. The work was divided into classes, and in this video you can see the procedure and the outcome of their work.