Teaching STEM with music and arts


    All the delegates gathered outside in the school yard at the Bodelschwinghschule in Münster.
    We are all holding a rose in our hand, a gift presented to us by the students at the welcoming ceremony. Now we were ready to learn more about how to use music and arts when teaching STEM subjects.


    The video below gives an impression of how an Erasmus+ week can be like for the participants. A lot of learning and impulses - and the opportunity to get to know people from the partner schools.



    During the week in Münster we learned a lot at the


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    What is sound?

    The students should discover what "sound" is, examine tones and noises. In different situations they should get to know that the swinging/vibrating of an object can be transmitted to other objects.


    Garage band - first steps

    Searching for sounds that the pupils want to use for their own song. Making the experience of working with a media sound program and having the possibility of creating a song with different "instruments" that they normally don't use.



    Light and shadow

    Through the action-orientated examination of different researcher questions and tasks at different stations, the children discover the characteristics of and connections between light and shadow.



    Natural colours

    Producing colours from food (natural colours), painting and experimenting with them. The children paint with the colours on paper. They experiment by sprinklingsalt, baking soda, vinegar, hibiscus and mallow flowers on the paint. They observe how the colour changes. They share their observations with each other.


    "Robot music"

    At this work shop the delegates had the possibility to be creative and they also learned that it is just your imagination that can stop you from making music. All sorts of things we have around us can be an instrument. With the help of small motors the "instruments" come alive...