Workshop: Meet Edison!

  • For most of us, Edison was a new aquaitance. Coding and robotics are a part of our project, and new ways and new devices are always welcome. It was easy to get to know Edison, and he gave a very good first impression!







    There are several ways to program Edison and make him do what you want him to do. You can use a barcode, and the built-in-coding is transferred to the robot as you scroll the robot over the barcode. One of the things he then could do was to follow a line, a pattern, like the circle in the pictures on this page.







    It is also possible to code the robot by using your computer or iPad. You open the program for the computer and then you are able to give Edison your own commands. It was very good to have one of the school's students as a helping hand....












    Hopefully this was an appetizer! Now you want to learn more! You really want to meet Edison! 
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