Workshop: Online realtime collaboration tools

  • Online realtime collaboration tools

    There are a lot of ways to collaborate. Nowadays it is possible to collaborate with almost who ever you want - all over the world.

    We were introduced to the tools listed below at our workshop in Kuressaare. The benefit with these tools are that they are online and what you do, others can watch at once - in realtime. There are many different sorts of tools, depending on the purpose of your collaboration / work.

    All of the tools listed below are suitable for use in a class. Click in to the web site for the tool you want to study, and see videos about the tool. In the left column the tools are grouped depending on what kind of tool they are.

    This presentation is made with "Padlet", one of the tools presented here. This is an online realtime collaborations tool, which also means that you, reading this here and now, can take part and share your collaboration tools - or make a comment to what you've seen in this presentation. Just click the "+" in the red circle, and a new, little window will appear, somewhere to the left in the picture. Write what you want to say, and drag your note below the others, just to avoid chaos on the screen...

    Click the "Full screen" symbol up in the right corner to get the best wiev.
    Good luck with your realtime collaboration!


    Lagd med Padlet