Using games to teach STEM subjects

  • During a week visiting schools in Latvia and Estonia, the delegates in our project "Full STEAM ahead for better education" were greatly inspired by their colleagues at the schools in the two Baltic countries. We saw that using games to teach STEM subjects, and of course other subjects as well, motivates the students and they get more active in their learning.

    What happens when taking part in an Erasmus+ project? Below you can join us for our Baltic adventure. Click the picture, and you can take part in our day-to-day experiences. If you are new to working in international projects, we hope this will inspire you to take part when an opportunity comes your way.

    Further down you'll find lessons and lesson plans and also our workshops - all giving you as a teacher new inspiration to teach your students using games.

    Click the picture below to join our Baltic adventure.
    When you are in, expand to "Full screen" and use arrow keys to move foreward - or tap your pad window. The presentation opens in a new window.

    You have just joined us for a week in the two Baltic countries of Latvia and Estonia. The visits at the two schools gave us many impressions and a lot to bring back home to our colleagues. Here are the lessons, the "exchage of good practices", for all of you to watch and learn from.



    Lesson plans

    All the written lesson plans are gathered here for you to use. 

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    During our week in Latvia and Estonia we also had some workshops. In these workshops we had "hands on" the learning process. We were students, eager to learn new things to bring with us back to our schools. Together with the "Exchages of good practices" we hope that also teachers not having visited the two schools are able to capture the ideas and grab the new ways of teaching.


    You've now reached the bottom of this page. 
    You have taken part in a week filled with interesting educational ideas and practices.
    We have now shared it with you.
    We hope that our experiences will add something to your teaching in your classroom
    in the same way as this has inspired us and given our teaching a new twist.

    Good luck!