Teaching STEM using scientific experience and environmental experience

  • During the last week of September 2017,
    the delegates from the schools taking part in the project

    "Full STEAM ahead for better education"

    went to Lanzarote, Spain to be inspired to use scientific experiences
    and enviromental experience in their STEM teaching.

    We were not disappointed.
    Our hosts showed us how they used their natural environment
    as an integrated part of their curriculum.
    Local history combined with scientific experiments
    put their teaching into a meaningful frame for their students.

    Below we invite you to take part in our experiences on this Spanish island,
    and see how the
    special nature and history of the island 
    is used as inspiration for their pedagogical work.


    Exchange of good practices


    Lesson plans

    All the written lesson plans are gathered here for you to use. 

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    Lanzarote is a beautiful island,
    and our hosts showed us many of the great sights you just have to see when you visit the island.

    Click the image below, and explore the island with us.