Logo competition

  • Here are the results from our logo competition.

    Each school has given points to each of the logos. After a voting at their school, each school gave 6 points to the "winner", 5 points to no. 2 and so on. It was possible to get 36 points - if you  got the first place at all the schools.

    Logo competition

    In order to create a logo for our project we have engaged all the creative minds of our students. At all participating schools there has been a lot of work, trying to create the logo that in the best way describe our project. At each school they came up with a winning logo, representing their school and country in the last stage of this logo competiton - the grand finale.

    Above you can see all the logos at one glance - below you can see all the logos one by one. You can also watch them all if you click here - or click the big picture above.

    The students at each school will now vote for the logo they find best, and the result will be announced by the end of October. As much as they want to, the students can not vote for their own logo!