Full STEAM ahead for better education

To many students STEM education can be theoretical and difficult to approach. Our project will approach STEM education in a new way. Instead of teaching each subject as such, we will emphasize methods and ways of teaching that students already have a positive and pleasurable relationship to.

Project Journal

  • In the left hand column you will find the engaging lessons from our meeting in Lanzarote, Spain.


    - Posted by Jan Erik Log, 27.12.2017

  • Join the delegates on their Baltic adventure! Take part in our day-to-day experiences and learn to use games to teach STEM subjects.
    Go to "Using games to teach STEM subjects" in the left column.

    STEM subjects.jpg

    - Posted by Jan Erik Log, 18.06.2017

  • Go to the page "STEM in Myrskyl√§" in the left column to take part in our adventures in Finland.

    STEAM start.jpg

    - Posted by Jan Erik Log, 23.01.2017

  • At last - here are the results from our logo competition!

    - Posted by Jan Erik Log, 01.11.2016

  • Logo competition
    Look at all the great logos created by the students at all the participating schools. After winning the local competition at their own school, they have now reached the "grand finale".
    Go to the "Logo competition" page in the left column to see them all!

    All logos new.jpg

    - Posted by Jan Erik Log, 03.10.2016