“In Darwin’s Steps” is an environmental Science project, which focuses on the classification, adaptation and evolution of living creatures. Making the most out of the CLIL methodology, the project aimed at helping students understand the above issues in a funny, interactive, easy-to-learn way and making them producers of their own learning. As a re...


Live Meetings

Live meetings constitute a core element of the project partners' cooperation.

Both teachers and classes meet on a regular bases to discuss activities, share ideas and collaborate

in order to ensure the production of materials that every participant has contributed in one way or another.

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Live Meetings of Partner Classes     Schools' Meeting: Preparation & the Event  



                                                        Teachers' Sharing & Planning

Making the most out of Teachers' Live Meetings (cooperation) and Private eMail Messages (communication), 

Project Teachers planned project work together and shared material online

so that all project students would benefit from the teaching material produced.



Author: Natalia Tzitzi
Last editor: Natalia Tzitzi