Being creative with Web 2.0 tools

  • The Greek children use the newly acquired knowldge on taxonomy and they create drawings of animals focusing on fish, cnidaria, mollusks and reptiles. The media group takes photos of all the drawings. Using school equipment and a web 2.0 tool (pizap), the children upload the photos, enhance them and add bubbles with information about the animal's name and family. The information is provided in English, French and Greek. Finally, the new images are uploaded in the Materials section of the TwinSpace.

    The Lithuanian download their partners' work, use the same Web 2.0 tool and follow the same procedure to add speech bubbles in Lithuanian. 

    Subsequently, the Turkish follow the same procedure adding speech bubbles in Turkish and uploading their images in the "Materials" section for the Greeks to use issuu and create an eBook of animals in 5 languages!!!!  

    Cooperative eBook in 5 languages