ICT tools

  • For "In Darwin's Steps", plenty of web 2.0 tools as well as software were used.

    The end products (drawings, videos, eBooks, slideshows to name but a few)  

    have been embedded

    in the Pages and/or the Project Journal posts.



    smilebox slideshow for slideshows about school & Peer-teaching

    Picasa for collages of plants and video about expert’s visit

    befunky for dissemination collages

    Magisto for video clips about Live Meetings

    Pizap to edit drawings (“Classification” Activities)

    Issuu to create eBooks (“Classification” Activities)

    TitanPad to share notes on Darwin's Life & Theory

    padlet  to share resources, conclusions and drawings (Sharing knowledge” Activity, “Live Meeting 3” Results)

    Zeemap to depict Darwin’s voyage collaboratively

    Kahoot to create online game

    Socrative to create online game

    Piktochart to create the project poster

    glitterfy  to present types of Communication

    YouTube to upload and share project videos

    Google spreadsheet to arrange transnational groups for  for Live Meeting

    Google forms to evaluate project

    Google docs to share Teacher’s Notes and Worksheets

    Windows Live Movie Maker for videos about school

    PowerPoint to create presentations of plants and animals (“Classification” Activities)

    Paint to edit images (“Classification” Activities)