“In Darwin’s Steps” is an environmental Science project, which focuses on the classification, adaptation and evolution of living creatures. Making the most out of the CLIL methodology, the project aimed at helping students understand the above issues in a funny, interactive, easy-to-learn way and making them producers of their own learning. As a re...

Adaptation and Evolution:Products

The children watch videos, research online resources, study Science books & coursebooks as well as children's books in order to collect as much information as possible about Darwin's voyage and theory of evolution.

Using the knowledge acquired, the children describe Darwin's voyage and briefly outline his theory in the subpages.

Sharing knowledge and experience, working collaboratively either synchronously or asynchronously, the project partners managed to come up with two major products: Darwin's Voyage on the Beagle depicted on an online interactive map (using Zeemap) as well as two online interactive games using Kahoot and Socrative.

Author: Natalia Tzitzi
Last editor: Chryssa Chr