“In Darwin’s Steps” is an environmental Science project, which focuses on the classification, adaptation and evolution of living creatures. Making the most out of the CLIL methodology, the project aimed at helping students understand the above issues in a funny, interactive, easy-to-learn way and making them producers of their own learning. As a re...

Project Journal

  • On March 13th our project was awarded the European eTwinning Prize in the age category 4-11.
    We are all thrilled at the announcement!!!


    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 14.03.2017

  • In 2016 our project was awarded the National Quality Label by the Greek and the Lithuanian NSSs


    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 14.03.2017

  • Let everybody know about "In Darwin's Steps". Here's our interactive project poster. Click on the images for media and information To see the poster in detail copy the link on your broswer
    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 11.07.2016

  • An interesting project has come to an end. Partner teachers met online (again!) to discuss the six criteria for the Quality Label. Another chance to collaborate! I would like to wish us all a Great Summer and Good Luck with the application for the QL!!!!
    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 10.07.2016

  • Students from Girkalnis school were very excited to be a part of this project. They say that it was GREAT!
    - Posted by Loreta Vaičiulienė, 22.06.2016