• What we have done together!

    “In Darwin’s Steps” is an environmental Science project, which focuses on the classification, adaptation and evolution of living creatures. The project aimed at helping students understand the above issues in a funny, interactive, easy-to-learn way and making them producers of their own learning.

    As a result, the students developed material on the afore-mentioned areas with the help of digital tools and guidance from teachers and experts involved in the project. In specific, 6th grade Primary School students followed “Darwin's steps” so as to discover, first, how plants and animals are classified and, second, how animals adapt to environmental conditions and develop different body characteristics and skills in order to survive.

    To ensure more in-depth knowledge of the project topics the children studied and shared information about Darwin’s life and voyage on the Beagle, and, eventually, they used newly acquired knowledge to co-create a digital interactive map.