Online Games

  • The children created the following games to play

    with their partners

    at the Schools' Online Meeting on March 30th, 2016

    Material for Online Games

    Suçıkağı Paşa Karaca İlkokulu, İskenderun Turkey

    10th Primary School of Peristeri, Greece

    Raseiniu r. Girkalnio pagrindinė mokykla, Lithuania

    10th Helioupolis Primary School,



    2. Greek Peristeri students give other students a code
    3. Students write the code on the 'GAME PIN' 
    4. Students choose one nickname for their whole group


    To play Kahoot  you should have at least two or more devices. One of the devices preferably a laptop, should be connected to a screen projector where the quiz questions will be projected. 
    The second (third ect) pc (mobile, tablet) opens only and posts code from the first... If you try to do with only one device you won't able to play :)
     and enter the PIN (different each time when we join it.) in your device to play the game.







    Socrative game:

    Click on

    Room name: OEZ6SY95 (Join Room and answer 7 True or False Questions)

    Quiz Key Text