“In Darwin’s Steps” is an environmental Science project, which focuses on the classification, adaptation and evolution of living creatures. Making the most out of the CLIL methodology, the project aimed at helping students understand the above issues in a funny, interactive, easy-to-learn way and making them producers of their own learning. As a re...

Teachers' Resources & Notes-Learner's Worksheets

The Greek teachers involved in the project make the most out of the Online Learning Repository for Rich Educational Resources (MITIDA), which is designed by the National Documentation Centre. MITIDA is an online platform which offers the opportunity for educators of primary and secondary schools to create educational content, by using contemporary online collaborative tools and open content from the NDC resources (repositories, databases etc.).

 The Greek partners  scan the material on the adaptation of species (see below in Greek) which is offered on the platform. They select Science activities which are both motivating  as well as appropriate to teach language skills with. 

They translate the activities in English so that they can be used in the English classroom

by all the project partners.  


Students watch the videos and study the worksheets.



Author: Natalia Tzitzi
Last editor: Natalia Tzitzi