IT at School

In June 2015 four European schools -the ones that take part on this eTwinning Project- started an Erasmus+ (KA219) Project titled IT@school. Through that project, the institutions pretend to cooperate in the development and implementation of innovative practices in order to increase basic skills (digital and language skills) between their students ...

IT@school on the Social Media

Apart from the IT@school Facebook Group created by the teachers involved in the Project, a general one (both for students and teachers) has been created. Currently (June 2017) there are 60 people involved on this Private Group called IT@school, Erasmus+ Project (KA219) that has just one Administrator (all the new members should be accepted by him)

The hashtag #ITatSchool has been used both on Twitter and on Instagram to share images, disseminate activities and inform about the apps and workshops given during the mobilities.

#ITatSchool on Instagram        


#ITatSchool on Twitter






Author: Francisco Prendes Veiga
Last editor: Francisco Prendes Veiga