• This has been the process to design and create our logo

    Creating the Project logo was one of the first tasks of our Erasmus+ / eTwinning Project. This was the task established for the 16 "junior students" (4 from each country) who attended the first mobility: Budapest.


    Step 1: Creating and selecting 3 logos on each school

    Prior to the mobility the four junior students from each country who were going to attend the first mobility (Budapest) should create -or organize the creation- of three logos (they could be created using IT or not) that should be taken to the mobility.

    These were their proposals:


    Step 2: Organizing the process to select the Project logo

    Once in Budapest, and working in international groups (one student from each country), participants were asked to organize the process to select the best logo for our Project. They decided to select four logos and to ask students not involved in the project to choose the one that they liked the most.

    Selecting the four logos


    Once they had chosen the best four logos, and split in their four groups, they started organizing the voting process:

    • Group 1: create a google form (in order to vote online)
    • Group 2: create and print a QR code (that way students from the Balassi Bálint Nyolcévfolyamos Gimnázium could vote during their break times)
    • Group 3: create the instructions for the voting process and prepare the panel to be taken to the school hall.
    • Group 4: create and record an advert (both in English and in Hungarian) to be broadcasted on the school radio.

    These were the instructions given to the Hungarian students in order to vote for their favorite logo:



    Step 3: Voting for the Project logo

    Students used their mobile devices to vote for the best Project logo


    Final result:

    And the winner was the one created by András from Hungary