Some sample questions to get started with the survey

  • In November, Belgian students have come up with some possible questions to use in a survey. Within your group you can discuss whether you want to use some of them.

    1. Does your school have specific sites that students are not allowed to visit?

    2. Do you get IT at school? If yes, have you been informed about the safe use of internet?

    3. How often do you use a computer in class?

    4. What do you use a computer in class for?

    5. Do you think it is better to have lessons/classes with a computer?

    6. At which classes would you like to use a computer?

    7. Does your school use the internet to communicate with students?

    8. Which IT resources are available at your school?

    9. Do you use an electronic platform at school?  

    10. Do you use apps for certain courses? Which ones?

    11. Do you need internet to do tasks at home?

    12. Do you have Smartboards/ActivBoards in your class rooms?   

    13. Do your teachers know how to work with their computer?   

    14. Do you have WiFi at your campus?

    15. Do you have an electronic agenda at school? How do you like it or would you like to have one?

    16. How many hours a week do you spend on social media?

    17. What do you do when you use social media?

    18. Which social media do you use?

    19. Do you accept friendship requests from people you do not know?

    20. Do you change privacy settings on social media?

    21. Did you ever experience problems with strangers on social media?

     22. How many friends do you have on Facebook?

    23. Are you bullied via social media?

    24. How many years ago did you create a FB page?

    25. What do you use the internet for?

    26. Do you often use internet?

    27. Would you be able to live a week without internet?

    28. How many apps have you got that you have paid for?

    29. Where is your computer located in the house?

    30. Did you yourself pay for your computer?

    31. Have you got a tablet/iPad?

    32. Have you got a smartphone/iPhone?

    33. Do you use azerty orquerty?  

    34. Does IT make your life more interesting or easier?

    35. Do you give your e-mailaddress when asked for?

    36. Do you chat with anyone?

    37. Do you think you use the internet safely?

    38. Which programme do you use most often when you need to give a presentation?

    39. Do you use your computer to study?

    40. Do you use apps to study?

    41. Do you use social media to create something for school (with friends)?