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In June 2015 four European schools -the ones that take part on this eTwinning Project- started an Erasmus+ (KA219) Project titled IT@school. Through that project, the institutions pretend to cooperate in the development and implementation of innovative practices in order to increase basic skills (digital and language skills) between their students ...

Impact and dissemination

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SPAIN (November 2015): Transnational Project Meeting

HUNGARY (13/IV/2016)

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SPAIN (10/V/2016):

SPAIN (21/VI/2016):

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BELGIUM (1/02/2017)

SPAIN (19/05/2017)

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The Project on the Spanish eTwinning ambassadors Group: La casa de los embajadores

IT@school on the European Day of Languages offcial Webpage

IT@school en Acercando Aulas

The European Day of Languages activities on the 3rd Creative Classroom Unconference

Our experience on The Education District as an example of innovative practices in education

The Education District Webpage​

MOOC INTEF (16/11/2017)

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