• During the fourth mobility (Gijón, May 2017), students were explained how to use in order to create interactive images.


    These are the products they have created:

    Jitzke (Belgium) and Lucía (Spain)


    Álvaro (Spain) and Lili (Hungary)

    Dorka (Hungary) and Juno (Netherlands)

    Antonio (Spain) and Lily (Hungary)

    Elisa (Spain) and Yanne (Belgium)

    Zsiad (Netherlands) and Zsombor (Hungary)

    Amine (Netherlands)


    These are their opinions related to the app:

    During their English lessons, Spanish students have worked with this app to create some projects on different issues connected with Information technologies and Internet safety. Here you can see an example:

    Other examples:

    Students have also reflected on CREATIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING and designed this to show the main ideas they shared within the group.