4. Netiquette rules

  • We are an online community and we need a code of conduct to behave on our Twinspace. It is very important that we all know and follow this code of conduct to create a good working climate and ensure everyone feels safe.

    These are the Netiquette rules you have decided for our Twinspace:

    • Have respect for one another
    • Don't act racist or sexist to others
    • Write and speak in English so everyone can understand you
    • When typing, never write in capital letters, that's considered as shouting
    • Respect other people's privacy: Never use someone else's accounts, Don't upload pictures without consent
    • Be careful what you say/write to people: take care with funny remarks and sarcasm (it could be misunderstood), re-read your message before posting.
    • Use passwords that are hard to guess, don't share passwords with anyone and make sure you log out.
    • Be active: check eTwinning regularly.

    Don't forget to follow them:

    Our Netiquette rules on PREZI:

    Our Netiquette Rules on Make Belief Comix: